Chicago Neighborhoods

Following is some general information on several Chicago neighbhorhoods. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Near North

Lake Michigan to Kennedy Expressway
Grand (500N) to North (1600N)

Located just to the north of the Loop, the Near North area encompasses several distinct Chicago neighborhoods. With its close proximity to downtown and the expressways, this area is popular with both loop workers and suburban commuters. The Near North area is a popular place to both live and visit since it is home to the Magnificent Mile, Oak Street, Water Tower Place, the Hancock Center, and many trendy restaurants, bars, and shops.

On the east side of Michigan Avenue, Streeterville is a shopper’s paradise and is also home to Northwestern University. Streeterville is a high density neighborhood consisting mainly of high rise apartment and condominium buildings. Although parking is tough, a car is not necessary with several bus lines running through the neighborhood. To the west of Streeterville is River North, a neighborhood that has been compared to NYC’s SoHo. Much of the housing consists of converted and new loft buildings along with a few high rises and town homes. To the north of Streeterville is the Gold Coast, a neighborhood dating back to 1882. Home to high rises, brownstones, and mansions, the Gold Coast provides easy access to the city’s beaches and to public transportation. Just to the west of the Gold Coast is Old Town, a lower density neighborhood with single family homes, town homes, and a few high rises. Running through Old Town is Wells Street, home to many great restaurants, boutiques, and bars.

Streeterville: Lake to Michigan Ave.(100E); Grand (500N) to Oak (1000N)
River West: Chicago River to Kennedy Expressway; Grand (500N) to Division (1200N)
Gold Coast: Lake Michigan to Clark (100W); Oak (1000N) to North (1600N)
Old Town: Clark (100W) to Larrabee (600W); Division (1200N) to North (1600N)

Logan Square

Western (2400W) to Central Park (3600W)
Armitage (2000N) to Diversey (2800N)

Northwest of the Loop, Logan Square is known for its beautiful old buildings and tree-lined boulevards. Located just west of the expressway, Logan Square is a popular neighborhood for those who commute to the suburbs. The east side of Logan Square is right off the blue line providing easy access to downtown and O’Hare. The housing in Logan Square consists of new mid rise buildings, renovated condo buildings, beautiful old mansions, and 2-3 flats. Logan Square is home to many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, many of them located on California Street or right on the Square.


Lake Michigan to Ravenswood (1800W)
Foster (5200N) to Devon (6400N)

Edgewater is a popular neighborhood on the north side of Chicago about 15 minutes from downtown. Housing consists of small apartment and condo buildings, single family homes, and 2-3 flats. The neighborhood is close to the lake with easy access to the bike path and beaches. Additionally, the neighborhood has great public transportation options with the el and several bus lines passing through Edgewater. There are many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques scattered throughout Edgewater with the greatest number concentrated on Clark Street between Argyle and Bryn Mawr.

Located in the southwest corner of Edgewater, Andersonville is a neighborhood influenced by Swedish history and culture. In recent years, trendy restaurants and shops have opened up alongside the existing Swedish businesses. Also located within Edgewater is Lakewood-Balmoral, an area consisting of tree lined streets and renovated single family homes.

Lincoln Square

Damen (2000 W) to Sacramento (3000W)
Montrose (4400 N) to Foster (5200 N)

Northwest of the Loop, the increasingly popular Lincoln Square is a vibrant neighborhood with a wide variety of housing from single family homes to mid size condo buildings. The main commercial district runs along Lincoln Avenue and is home to many restaurants, bars, shops, coffee houses, and a movie theater. The area has several stops on the brown line and several buses also run to downtown Chicago. Additionally, a metra stop is located just to the east of Lincoln Square. With several parks and the river running through the neighborhood, Lincoln Square is a great option for dog owners and those who like to spend time outside. Located on the western edge of Lincoln Square is the sub-neighborhood of Ravenswood Manor, a beautiful area consisting mainly of single family homes.

Albany Park

Sacramento (3000W) to Pulaski (4000W)
Irving Park (4000N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N)

Albany Park is located about 20 minutes northwest of downtown. Housing consists of single family homes, 2-6 flats, and small apartment and condo buildings. In recent years, many of the apartment buildings have been converted to condominiums providing affordable options for buyers. The el is accessible from most parts of Albany Park and several bus lines also run through the neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to many different ethnic restaurants, most of which can be found on Kedzie Avenue. Albany Park is also home to several parks and a great riverside running path.

West Town

Grand (500N) to Fullerton (2400N)
Chicago River to Western (2400W)

Located on the near northwest side, West Town includes some of the hippest neighborhoods in the city, including River West, East Village, Ukranian Village, Wicker Park, and Bucktown. The blue line runs through most parts of West Town and provides easy access to downtown and O’Hare airport. The expressway is also easily accessible from the neighborhood. Housing consists of single family homes, small multi unit buildings, condo buildings, and many loft buildings. West Town is one of the city’s most popular destinations for culture and entertainment. The neighborhood is home to several music, theater, and performance art venues, along with many independent art galleries. West Town also has a wide array of trendy boutiques and some of the best restaurants in the city. Much of the nightlife and shopping is centered around North and Damen in Bucktown, and along Division Street on the border of Wicker Park and East Village.

Bucktown: Ashland (1600W) to Western (2400W); North (1600N) to Fullerton (2400N)
Wicker Park: Ashland (1600W) to Western (2400W); Division (1200N) to North(1600N)
East Village: Ashland (1600W) to Damen (2000W); Chicago (800N) to Division (1200N)
Ukranian Village: Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W); Chicago (800N) to Division (1200N)
River West: Chicago River to Ashland (1600W); Grand (500N) to Division (1200N)

Rogers Park

Lake Michigan to Ridge (1800W-2200W)
Devon (6400N) to Howard (7400N)

Rogers Park is located on the far north side of the city. Home to Loyola University, Rogers Park has a wide variety of restaurants and shops scattered throughout the neighborhood. Rogers Park also provides easy access to Lake Michigan with some of the residential buildings located just off the beach. Rogers Park offers a great deal of public transportation options with the red line, several bus lines, and a metra stop located within its borders. Rogers Park also provides easy access to Lake Shore Drive. Housing in Rogers Park includes single family homes, 2-3 flats, and small to medium sized apartment and condo buildings. In recent years, Rogers Park has seen a number of its apartment buildings converted to condos providing many affordable housing options for buyers.

Lincoln Park

Lake Michigan to Ashland (1600W)
North (1600N) to Diversey (2800N)

Located just 10 minutes north of the loop, Lincoln Park is one of the most popular places to live in Chicago. It is home to Depaul University, Oz Park, and Second City Theater. There are also many restaurants, shops, and bars scattered throughout the area, many of which are concentrated on Armitage Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. Lincoln Park also contains Lincoln Park, the largest public park in Chicago and the neighborhood’s namesake. Within the park are beaches, a zoo, botanical gardens, playgrounds, tennis courts, boating facilities, and open areas for sports. With three el lines and several bus lines running through the neighborhood, it is easy to get to other parts of the city from Lincoln Park. Several different types of housing exist in the neighborhood including high rises, loft buildings, single family homes, and brownstones.


Lake Michigan to Damen (2000W)
Diversey (2800N) to Irving (4000N)

Located on the north side of Chicago, Lakeview is a popular neighborhood known for its great dining, shopping, and nightlife. Just off the busy commercial corridors, however, Lakeview has many single family homes, small condo buildings, and 2-3 flats located on beautiful tree-lined streets. Closer to the lake, Lakeview also has several affordable high rise buildings. Running through Lakeview are 3 el lines and several bus lines, making this neighborhood easily accessible to the loop and other parts of the city.

Within Lakeview is the sub-neighborhood of Wrigleyville, a fun neighborhood located in the immediate area around Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field. The area has many bars and restaurants catering to the ballpark and fans. Also in Lakeview is the Southport Corridor, a neighborhood popular for its quiet streets and easy access to the shopping and restaurants along Southport.

Wrigleyville: Halsted (800W) to Racine (1200W); Addison (3600N) to Irving (4000N)
Southport Corridor: Racine (1200W) to Ashland (1600W); Belmont (3200N) to Irving (4000N)


Lake Michigan to Damen (2000W)
Irving (4000N) to Foster (5200N)

Located about 15 minutes north of the Loop, Uptown is home to the famed Aragon Ballroom, Riviera Theatre, and the Green Mill Jazz Club. Uptown provides easy access to the lake, el, and several bus lines. In recent years, many apartment buildings have been converted to condos and several new condo buildings have also gone up in the area. Scattered throughout Uptown are several good restaurants and cafes.

Located within Uptown is Sheridan Park, a neighborhood popular for its large condos and easy access to the el. Also within Uptown is Buena Park, a small neighborhood located just off the lake consisting of many converted vintage buildings on beautiful tree-lined streets. North of Buena Park is Margate Park, a quiet neighborhood located close to the lake and consisting of small condo buildings. Also in Uptown isRavenswood, a quiet neighborhood with many renovated single family homes and small condo buildings

Sheridan Park: Racine (1200W) to Clark (1500W); Montrose (4400N) to Lawrence (4800N)
Buena Park: Lake to Sheridan (1000W); Irving (4000N) to Montrose (4400N)
Ravenswood: Clark (1500W) to Damen (2000W); Montrose (4400N) to Foster (4800N)
Margate Park: Lake to Sheridan (1000W); Lawrence (4800N) to Foster (5200N)

West Ridge

Ridge to Kedzie (3200W)
Devon (6400N) to Howard (7400N)

Located on the far north side of Chicago, West Ridge (also known as West Rogers Park) is a quiet neighborhood with single family homes, 2-3 flats, and small condo buildings. West Ridge is populated with a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and shopping. It is also known for the large number of parks in the neighborhood, making it a popular neighborhood for families and dog owners. Warren Park is home to a golf course, toboggan hill, batting cages, and ice skating rink. Indian Boundary Park has a small zoo, a lake, tennis courts, and a huge playground. And these are just two of the many parks in the area! Although the el does not go to West Ridge, several bus lines run through the neighborhood and the expressway is also easily accessible.

Old Irving

Chicago River to Elston
Addison (3600W) to Montrose (4400W)

Old Irving is a quiet neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago. Both the blue line and the expressway are easily accessible from Old Irving making it a good option for commuters. Most of the housing in the neighborhood consists of renovated single family homes and a few small apartment and condominium buildings. Most of the neighborhood is residential with restaurants and shopping scattered throughout the area.

South Loop

Lake Michigan to Wells (200W)
Jackson (300S) to Cullerton (2000S)

The South Loop has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years due to its proximity to downtown, the lakefront, and Grant Park. The neighborhood continues to grow as many new construction buildings and loft conversions are currently being built. Several new restaurants, bars, and coffee houses have also opened in the South Loop. Most of the housing in the neighborhood consists of converted loft buildings, and new construction mid/high rise condo buildings. The South Loop is easily accessible with several el and bus lines running through the neighborhood. The expressway is also close by, making the South Loop a good option for suburban commuters.

North Center

Ravenswood (1800W) to Chicago River
Belmont (3200N) to Montrose (4400N)

North Center is located on the north side of Chicago. The center of this neighborhood is the intersection of Lincoln, Irving, and Damen. Rarely do you hear anyone refer to this neighborhood as North Center, as most people refer to the area with the names of the sub-neighborhoods contained within its boundaries. North Center consists of commerce, dining, and shopping along its major streets while enjoying quiet tree-lined streets everywhere else. Most of the housing consists of 2-3 flats, single family homes, and small condo buildings. The brown line runs through the neighborhood as do several bus lines. Within North Center are two popular sub-neighborhoods, St. Bens and Roscoe Village. Both are quiet neighborhoods with single family homes and 2-3 flats.

Roscoe Village: Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W); Belmont (3200N) to Addison (3600N)
St. Bens: Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W); Addison (3600N) to Irving (4000N)

West Loop

Halsted (800W) to Ashland (1600W)
Van Buren (400S) to Fulton (300N)

Located just to the west of the Loop, the West Loop has become increasingly popular because of its proximity to the Loop, Union Station, and two major expressways. The green and blue lines also run through the neighborhood along with several bus lines. Many existing warehouses have been converted to lofts in recent years. Several new condo buildings have also been built or are under construction. The West Loop is also home to Chicago’s Greek Town. There is no shortage of restaurants and bars in the area with many of them centered on Randolph Street and Halsted Street.t and Halsted Street.

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